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your time is here
you see a figure in the light
then you see one in the dark
and in the end you turn to the night

you walk to your death
and greet him like a lost friend
a long time foe
whose strength he would always lend

you smile no longer afraid
he holds out his hand
taking you in to your eternity of sleep
asking for company to deaths land

promising a secret
a secret finally found
you ask him about death
and wait for the sound

the old angel smiles
leaning in to tell you
to whisper to you his answer
and ends your life too

your life gone
in that small amount of space
you follow fast
and to the death you race

you die ending your life
waiting to see the new world
and what it has to hold
and the misted valley swirled

you would stay
stay while your heart raced
stay with your angel
in deaths embrace
this is my poem dedicated to the land of the dead for i know for sure when i go ill go with pride for having to be taken not by killing myself
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February 8, 2013
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